Leaders on Linkedin:
Engaging stakeholders in UAE
The world has gone digital. As a leader, how do you leverage these tools to engage stakeholders, build trust, and attract the right people to your business?
Join our online conference and connect with high-level executives in the UAE who have scaled their impact through LinkedIn.
What to expect
A modern and fully digital space to get inspired, join discussions, as well as network with other high-level executives attending the event.

Join our special rooms:
  • One-on-one chat rooms to network with other executive attendees.
  • Group discussion rooms with our speakers: Dr. Khalid al Midfa (Shams), Mylena Pierremont (Connected Circles), and Rajai El Khadem (LinkedIn).
  • Group or 1:1 discussion rooms with the Connected Circles experts to talk about your specific case and what it takes to engage stakeholders strategically for you and your company.